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"They always take care of me down there. I've had good experiences with them every time that I deal with them." - Chris Richards

Find used trucks for sale from Thompson Truck Source using our convenient search. With our powerful browsing tools, you can narrow our inventory down by price, year, mileage, size, and other important factors in your purchase. New and experienced owner-operators can benefit from our tips for choosing the right used truck below. Some of this advice can also apply to new trucks.

Check the Truck's History

While researching a potential addition to your fleet, remember to look into the truck's history. It helps to understand these aspects of its background:

  • Oil change and maintenance records: When did the truck last have an oil change? Did it undergo any major repairs?
  • Accident history: Did the truck go through any accidents or collisions? If so, did it have extensive damage or need replacement parts?
  • Mileage: How many miles did previous owners put into the truck? How many hours?

Understand the Truck's Specs

Pay careful attention to a used truck's specs and capabilities to ensure it will meet your requirements. Make sure you understand these traits of the truck:

  • Towing capacity and horsepower: Can the truck effectively pull the typical load that your jobs require? 
  • Axle layout: Does the truck have an axle layout that fits the jobs you'll need it to do?
  • Transmission: What kind of transmission does the truck's future operator prefer? Does the truck have this transmission type?

Look Over the Truck in Person

Online truck shopping makes it convenient to buy one from a distance, but a buyer should inspect a truck in person before signing any papers. Visit the dealer or send someone you trust to check these aspects of the truck's quality:

  • Body condition: In the light of day, do you see any cracks or rust on the truck body?
  • Oil levels and condition: What oil levels does the truck have, and is the oil in good condition?
  • Tire treads: How much tread does the truck have left on its tires? Will you need to replace the tires soon?

Talk to the Dealer

A trustworthy dealer can provide insight on some of the critical topics you might not see in the truck's listing. Ask them about:

  • Dealership qualifications: How much experience does the dealer have? What reputation does the dealership as a whole have?
  • Reason for sale: Did the previous owner decide to sell this truck because of a specific issue?
  • Required replacement parts: Will you need to replace any parts after buying the truck?

Establish a Maintenance Plan

If you decide to buy the truck you have in mind, remember to create a preventive maintenance strategy as soon as possible. A dealership that doubles as a service shop, like Thompson Truck Source, can help you set up a maintenance plan right after purchase. We have a full range of service solutions to help our clients get the most out of their trucks and trailers.

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