$50 DOT Inspection Offer

Commercial Truck DOT Inspections

If you drive a commercial vehicle that weighs more than 10,000 pounds, Federal Law states that you must have a D.O.T. truck inspection once a year.  These inspections ensure that all of truck parts and components are safe and reduce the risk to you and other drivers. Stay safe, stay DOT compliant, stay on the road - all for just $50!

Schedule Your $50 Inspection Today

Federal DOT logoThompson Truck Source has certified inspectors on-site who can perform truck D.O.T. inspections at our various truck service locations throughout Alabama and northwestern Florida! With these convenient locations, our technicians provide the professional, local  maintenance services to your truck to keep your business moving.

What to Expect From Your Inspection

During your D.O.T. truck inspection, we will examine certain parts on your truck to ensure it is in safe driving condition in accordance with Federal Law.

These parts include:

Brakes Coupling Devices
Exhaust System Suspension
Turn Signals Headlights
Windshield Wipers Tires
Fuel System Cargo Fastening
Steering Wheel  

We will ask for the following documentation for the D.O.T. inspection:

  1. Vehicle registration
  2. Valid commercial vehicle driver’s license

We will provide an inspection report with the following information:

  • The Thompson Truck Source location where your inspection occurred
  • The commercial vehicle that was inspected
  • The date of your inspection
  • The name of your inspector
  • A statement certifying your commercial vehicle meets all requirements and standards under Federal Law
  • A statement Identifying any parts or components that do not meet requirements and standards under Federal Law
  • A sticker/decal with your inspection date for display

You should keep a copy this inspection report in your commercial vehicle as it may be requested by Federal, State, or other local law enforcement officials.

Please note there are several states that require commercial vehicles to pass a State Inspection, independent of the D.O.T. Inspection. You should consult with your state Department of Transportation or Motor Vehicles for such requirements.

Get Your DOT Inspection Certification Today

Remember, D.O.T. Inspection certifications are recognized by all 50 states as being valid.

D.O.T. inspections are a legal requirement, and they can be an integral component to the general maintenance of your truck and the safety of those around you on the road. Contact us for more information or view our other services to help keep your truck on the road.