What Is a Day Cab Truck?

A day cab is a good investment if you transport cargo over short distances, especially during the day. When deciding whether to add day cab trucks to your fleet, consider their uses and benefits and what makes them different from other options like sleeper cabs.

In this post, we compare a day cab vs. a sleeper truck, including features, pros and cons, applications, and advantages. Contact Thompson Truck Source to find the right day cab truck for your short-haul needs. 

Features of a Day Cab Truck

Day cabs are efficient and affordable alternatives to sleeper trucks. They have many features that set them apart from sleepers and other trucks, including:

  • Ability to carry lightweight and heavyweight loads for local and regional deliveries.
  • Absence of a sleeping cabin to save space.
  • Shorter chassis to move through traffic more easily and reach destinations faster.
  • Capability to haul more or less depending on the axles.
  • Convenient rear window for visibility.

Day Cab Truck vs. Sleeper Truck

If you're unsure whether a day cab truck or sleeper would be more suited to your requirements, consider what you need it for. Each truck performs the same function, but the main differences are found in their physical construction. Additionally, they have their own limitations regarding the capacity to provide comfort on the road. 

Pros and Cons of a Day Cab Truck

Advantages of a day cab truck include:

  • The lighter chassis and frame makes it more fuel-efficient. 
  • Two-axle cabs are capable of carrying heavier loads compared to one axle, although both can bear immense weight.
  • Four-wheel drive options offer more stability on the road.
  • The cruise control feature on some trucks allows operators to go longer distances at a steady speed.   
  • Detachable trailers make it easy to load and unload cargo.
  • It's cheaper overall to buy a day cab truck than a sleeper truck, especially for small business owners and commercial truck owners who want to expand their fleets for shorter deliveries.

The main disadvantage of a day cab is that it lacks sleeping room, so you're limited to shorter trips. While it is possible to find ways to sleep in a day cab, less space means it will be less comfortable for operators to do so.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Sleeper Truck

A sleeper truck has its own list of perks that make it ideal for specific applications. Advantages include:

  • They provide enough space to sleep compared to a day cab truck, which is necessary for longer hauls and overnight trips.
  • Sleeping space in the cab allows operators to save money compared to staying in a motel.
  • They can carry larger loads and cargo that weighs more across longer distances due to their larger size.
  • Like day cab trucks, their detachable trailers make it easy to load and offload cargo.

In terms of disadvantages of sleeper trucks, they are larger and therefore less fuel-efficient. Sleeper trucks cannot move through traffic as easily as day cabs. They are also generally slower and take longer to reach their destinations, but this depends on the load size and distance to travel.

Common Day Cab Truck Uses

The day cab truck is meant to carry light and heavy loads across shorter distances. Many industries use fleets of these trucks to deliver goods, usually for local or regional deliveries.

Delivery day cabs often transport cargo from one business to another, in contrast to smaller options like box trucks that carry business-to-consumer goods. What makes a day cab different from a smaller truck is that it can be hooked up to a much larger trailer. Day cabs offer the power of a heavy-duty tractor with the efficiency of a smaller frame to make short trips easier and more economical.

Advantages of Owning a Day Cab Truck

The main benefits of owning a day cab truck include the money saved on purchasing one and the associated fuel costs. 

Day cabs are versatile since they're able to carry varying load sizes. Their detachable trailers are convenient for loading and unloading. These trucks are also more eco-friendly and cost-effective compared to sleeper trucks, since they can more efficiently travel shorter distances. Sleeper trucks consume more fuel and release more carbon gas emissions as a result.

When comparing options, you'll get more value for the money with a fleet of day cab trucks. Day cabs save you time and money and offer faster service if you need to have goods picked up or delivered locally or regionally on a deadline. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Day Cab

Once you've decided to invest in a day cab truck for your delivery needs, it's important to weigh the options and determine your priorities. Consider the following factors when making your decision:

  • What size day cab truck do you need based on the loads you plan to carry?
  • How much weight will you need to haul on a regular basis?
  • What is your overall budget for the purchase?
  • What is your budget for other costs, like insurance and maintenance?
  • Are you interested in financing options?
  • Do you require any customizations?
  • Which truck manufacturers are you most interested in?

Our Truck and Trailer Options

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