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Thompson Truck Service Support Reps & Locations

At Thompson Truck Source, our goal is to keep your trucks productive. We have the equipment, the technicians, and the drive to make that happen. Our extensive range of services covers everything your truck might need, from engine overhauls to basic maintenance.

We are proud to be a part of the RIG360 Network, which means we promise high-quality services and maintenance. RIG360 is a network of independent service centers providing trucks with the very best services all across America. As part of their network, we uphold their standards of excellence, efficiency, and customer care.

Our Truck experts can provide the right level of expertise and support—when you need them. Contact the rep for your area and let them help you keep your business moving with minimal downtime. 


Todd | (256) 345-5655

Frank | (205) 359-0221

Andy | (205) 842-7527

Lisa Argo | | (205) 532-9738

Will | (334) 399-5180

Russell | (251) 234-2530

Simon | (850) 851-8734

Commercial Truck Repair Services

Leave your commercial truck repairs and service to our experts. At Thompson Truck Source, we understand the importance of keeping your fleet running, and our experienced technicians will get your trucks back in service quickly with top-of-the-line results. 

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Our Truck & Trailer Repair Solutions in Alabama and Florida

As part of the RIG360 network, we come equipped with the team and resources to meet your service goals. We specialize in almost every element of truck maintenance and repair, including the:

Air Compressor Clutches
Fuel System Electrical Instruments and Controls
Throttle Control Overhauls
Air Conditioning and Heating Transmission
Drivelines Axles
Hoses Wheel Alignment
Alternators and Starters Batteries
Engine Cooling and Radiators Steering
Engine repair Windshields, Wipers, and Washer
Wiring Brakes
Suspension Exhaust

Preventative Maintenance

When you want to take a proactive approach to your fleet's condition, consider Thompson Truck Source as your preventative maintenance partner. Preventative maintenance will reduce your risk of breakdowns and can increase a truck's longevity. Our team will assist with developing a preventative maintenance schedule and providing the services included in it. We can perform any part of this process, including:

ALDOT and FDOT Inspections Fluid Testing and Replacement
Adjustments Parts Replacement
Cleaning Lubrication

Full-Service Chassis Repair and Modifications

A truck's chassis determines its structure and capacity. When you need chassis repairs or modifications, you can depend on our technicians to perform the necessary steps in line with manufacturer recommendations. We will partner with you to rebuild a chassis to meet your fleet's goals.

Engine Overhauls

Our engine overhaul services are trusted by many business leaders and fleet managers in Alabama and Florida. Engines are designed to endure, but even with the right maintenance and care, wear and tear can still lead to problems. We provide commercial and semi-truck overhauls efficiently and effectively. We take the motor apart and replace or repair the engine's vital parts so it can work perfectly again. Our technicians are highly skilled in semi-truck engine rebuilds and will have you back on the road in no time at all.

signs that indicate your engine needs an overhaul

These are some of the signs that indicate your engine needs an overhaul:

  • The engine is hard to start
  • Fuel consumption is up
  • Multiple parts start failing
  • The engine emits blue or white smoke
  • Oil consumption is higher than usual
  • High blowby

If you experience any of these or have doubts about your engine's integrity, contact us immediately before the problem gets worse.

Fluid Sampling

Truck fluid testing and analysis help detect problems you might not know about. We use our fluid sampling equipment to ensure your truck is always delivering its best. Our semi-truck oil analysis is quick and can tell us so much about your truck. Fluid sampling can help us determine if your engine has underlying issues and which fluids need topping up.

Contaminated fluids in your truck can lead to a range of problems. After we analyze your truck's fluids, you can drive away knowing everything is in tip-top shape with your vehicle.

Dyno Testing

Your truck has a dynamometer, also known as a dyno. This device measures the power, torque, and force of your engine. When hauling goods for hundreds or thousands of miles, you need to be sure that your truck is capable of handling the trip. We offer thorough semi-truck dyno testing to keep your engine safe and operational throughout your entire journey.

Our dyno test collects valuable information regarding the quality of your engine. We then use that info to help with our troubleshooting and optimization services. Dyno tests will save you money in the long run by helping you prevent future engine issues. It also gives you an analysis of your engine's performance that you can compare to other future tests and the performance of other trucks.

Drivers, business owners, and fleet managers will all benefit greatly from our dyno testing services. Check out your vehicle's health and find new ways to improve it for the best possible driving experience.

Maximize Uptime With Efficient Service

In the trucking business, uptime equals money. In response, as a partner in your company's success, we'll strive to keep your trucks on the road for as long as possible. To meet this goal, we make the RIG360 90-Minute Promise. From the time you walk through our semi trailer repair shop's doors, we'll take 90 minutes or less to troubleshoot and diagnose your truck's issue. After that, we'll give you a service estimate within another 90 minutes. We also employ technicians with comprehensive experience who can immediately start a job when required.

Experienced Technicians With 360-Degree Capabilities

Each of our technicians has the latest training to perform repairs on all makes and models of commercial trucks and tractor-trailers. Our service team follows a policy of full transparency. During the repair process, they'll communicate the information you need to make informed service decisions. With their level of expertise, our technicians can perform truck repairs confidently and efficiently.

Our capabilities include repairs for all makes and models of commercial trucks and engines. As part of the Caterpillar® network, we can service Cat® engines as well as engines from any other commercial diesel brand. We also service brands such as Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, and others. When you count on us for repairs, our team will find the right solution for your situation.

Truck Chassis Repair and Comprehensive Maintenance Services in Alabama and Florida

Truck Chassis Repair and Comprehensive Maintenance Services in Alabama and Florida

It takes more than your typical truck stop to provide the service your fleet needs. At Thompson Truck Source, our parent company has given more than 60 years of service to businesses in Alabama and Northwest Florida. Thanks to our more than 10 centers located throughout the region, you'll find comprehensive solutions wherever your work takes you.

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