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Stewart-Amos Sweepers for Sale

Thompson Truck Source is proud to be a Stewart-Amos dealer. Stewart-Amos offers a full line of mechanical broom and regenerative air street sweepers. They have nine models to match nearly every need; six Starfire mechanical broom units and three mid-sized Galaxy regenerative air street sweepers.

Starfire Mechanical Broom Sweepers




Galaxy Regenerative Air Sweepers



Starfire Mechanical Broom Sweepers for Sale in Alabama and Florida

Designed to make sweeping safer and more efficient, Starfire mechanical broom sweepers feature an exclusive three-shaft elevator system. Sweepers in the Starfire series come in CDL and non-CDL models. They set themselves apart from the competition through:

  • Reduced maintenance costs: The Starfire's three-shaft elevator system has twice as many chain adjustments points as a two-shaft system, improving maintenance speed and affordability. This increased number of adjustment points also leads to less wear on the chain.
  • Improved chain life: Thanks to its enhanced return chain support, the Starfire lets chains run more loosely. As a result, the chains undergo less wear and have an extended life compared to two-shaft designs.
  • Better performance: With three shafts in its elevator system, the Starfire gets rid of the chain clapping that happens in two-shaft sweeper systems. The third shaft improves chain spacing for more effective performance.
  • X-style lift scissors: An X-style lift provides the lift cab with extra support when lifting. They improve performance when handling unbalanced, wet, or sticky loads.
  • Spring-balanced brooms: The main and gutter brooms have spring balancing to compensate for wear automatically. Their spring balance system enables them to adjust to uneven pavement without the need for operator intervention.

Galaxy Regenerative Air Sweepers for Sale

The Galaxy regenerative air sweeper makes a great street/lot combination unit because of its versatile features. All three Galaxy sweepers have non-CDL chassis. Their advantages include:

  • Dependable hopper panels: Galaxy sweepers have stainless steel hopper panels manufactured in the United States. Thanks to their bolt-together design, they're easier to replace than traditional welded panels, improving maintenance costs. Each Galaxy hopper has a five-year factory warranty for rust-through.
  • 72-foot dump height: The Galaxy has a 72-foot dump in the rear for convenient on-site disposal. It allows for easy dumping into dumpsters 5 feet tall or higher due to its dump design and 3-inch slide-back mechanism.
  • Simple electrical and hydraulic service: Simplified wiring and electric-over hydraulics make it easy to access and switch components. Every wire in the electrical system has a heat-stamped number for fast identification. The electric-over hydraulic valve system features an on-board pressure gauge and easily replaceable parts for efficient service.
  • Stainless steel debris separator screens: Like the hopper panels, the Galaxy's debris screen has a stainless steel, bolt-in design for simpler maintenance. You can easily clean the screen from outside of the sweeper during regular upkeep.
  • Roomy storage compartment: The Galaxy's one-piece polyethylene storage compartment holds almost 80 cubic feet of tires, tools, and anything else needed on the job. It has two LED lights for better visibility.

About Stewart-Amos Sweeper Trucks

Stewart-Amos specializes in manufacturing effectively simple sweeper trucks with easy maintenance and dependable performance. Since 1947, they've built and distributed sweepers with a focus on time-proven design and ease of use.

Your Stewart-Amos Dealer in Alabama and Northern Florida

Thompson Truck Source continues Thompson Tractor's 60-year history of serving hardworking communities in Alabama and Northern Florida. When you contact us about one of our sweepers, one of our experts will assist with the shopping process.

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Have questions or need more information? We're here to help!

Fill out the form below and someone will contact you soon.