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Browse our inventory of new and used trailers for sale in Alabama and Northern Florida. At Thompson Truck Source, we sell a wide variety of trailers to fit the needs of fleets across industries like transport, construction, and forestry.

Our New Semi Trailers and Log Trailers for Sale in Alabama

We partner with Trail King, Pitts, and Ox Body to bring you world-class trailers with a full range of applications. Our inventory of new semi trailers includes:

  • Flatbed trailers: Our inventory of flatbeds from Trail King and Pitts features double-drop, rollback, step deck, drop flat, extendable flat, and extendable drop trailers.
  • Chip vans and logging trailers: Clients in wood and forestry can tap into the power of our chip vans and logging trailers from Pitts, a trusted name for forestry trailers.
  • Hydraulic trailers: We sell powerful hydraulic tail trailers, detachable trailers, and sliding axle trailers for faster loading and unloading.
  • End dump trailers: The Ox Superdump end dump trailers that we sell come in full-frame, quarter-frame, and scrap trailer models to suit your typical load volume.
  • Fixed neck trailers: Pitts fixed neck trailers like the LB35, LB35-CS, LB51, and LB51-CS feature an I-beam construction with high tensile strength steel.
  • Tag trailers: When you need to haul loads using a smaller vehicle, explore our tag trailers from Pitts and Trail King.

Choosing a Used Trailer for Sale in Alabama and Florida

To help our clients optimize their budgets, we also offer used semi trailers. When shopping for a used trailer at Thompson Truck Source or another trusted dealer, follow these tips to make the most of your purchase:

  • Talk to the dealer: Your trailer dealer will have critical information on a trailer that you might not find in its listing or photos. They can tell you why the last owner sold the trailer so you can see if it will need any extra repairs before going on the road.
  • Check the trailer's documents: A used trailer's documents will also provide some important insights on its past performance and repairs. Ask if the trailer has any accident records or went through extensive service. These papers can also show if the trailer has any replacement parts that could change its specifications.
  • Inspect the trailer in person: Whenever possible, look at the trailer in person or ask for detailed pictures and videos. Check the body for damage, inspect the tire treads, and make sure any openings have a seal.
  • Consider potential future costs: If you find a trailer you want to buy, keep ongoing costs like financing and cost of operation in mind. For example, one trailer might have a lower initial price but higher ongoing costs than another trailer.

Explore New and Used Semi Trailers for Sale in Alabama and Florida

You can count on us for the trailers and trucks your fleet needs to get going. We have more than 60 years of experience serving communities in Alabama and Florida, so feel free to reach out to our experts for help. For more information about our available trailers, contact your nearest location.

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