How many miles does your fleet of over-the-road trucks cover per year? If those trucks aren’t in proper alignment, both your tire mileage and fuel mileage suffer. Indeed, wheel alignment is a valuable way to protect your investment.


At Thompson Truck Source, we do commercial truck alignments for all members of the Alabama and Florida delivery or transportation industry. Proper vehicle alignment ensures maximum tire and fuel efficiency so your trucks can meet and exceed performance expectations every day. Reach out to us now and take advantage of the alignment services we have to offer.

Keep Your Operations Safer With Semi Truck Alignment

If you want your commercial fleet to bring in the most profits while keeping your drivers safe, each vehicle needs to be aligned. Poor tire alignment can cause serious issues with a truck's ability to function. One of the factors that affects truck alignment is road quality, which means that anything from a pothole to an unexpected speed bump could throw the vehicle off balance. A few signs indicating that a part of your fleet may need servicing include:

  • Excessive or uneven tire wear
  • Difficulties driving in a straight line
  • Poor fuel consumption
  • Frequent drifting 

Without the proper vehicle alignment, you or your drivers will probably start noticing an increase in resistance during trips. This difficulty can make it harder to steer and keep the vehicle on the road. The additional resistance can also cause issues with fuel costs, driving efficiency, and even employee safety. 

Over-the-road truck alignment services from Thompson Truck Source can realign your tires and remove that extra resistance. With our services, your vehicles will operate smoothly while out on the road, regardless of the load or distance. 

A poorly aligned vehicle will usually have tires that face inward or outward instead of straight. If your truck tire rods need to be loosened or tightened, we’ll take care of the job so you can get back to work right away with firm, strong tires under every truck.

What Can You Gain From Commercial Truck Balancing Services?

Tests have shown that 70% of the vehicles on the road today would benefit tremendously from being properly aligned. For over-the-road trucks, it’s even more important. 

For starters, you could save about 2% on fuel costs. Truck wheel alignment is vital for maintaining fuel efficiency, especially when it comes to businesses that make their profit by traveling to delivery destinations every day. Misalignment eats up truck fuel much more quickly, causing drivers to fill up their tanks more often and forcing you to pay more each year in operational costs. Our professionals will make sure the wheels on your vehicles are all perfectly balanced so you can cut down on additional expenses.

Qualified technicians and computerized alignment equipment will reduce your vehicle’s tire friction and drag. When all wheels are traveling in the same direction perfectly, it takes less energy. And when we check your alignment, we find ways to help you avoid larger, more costly repairs.

Having a properly aligned vehicle also helps reduce wear and tear on your tires, allowing them to last longer. Unnecessary friction caused by balancing issues can make truck wheels wear out faster, which translates into heftier replacement and repair costs for your business. Your semi trucks have multiple wheels, and they are all equally important to the success of each trip. Taking care of them helps them stay in working condition for as long as possible. 

Contact Us for Semi Truck Alignment Services Today

You’ve made a big investment in your fleet of big rigs. We’d like to help you find big savings every mile they’re on the road. Having the tires aligned for each of your vehicles a few times a year could be just what you need to reduce costs and keep drivers safe while they’re transporting goods. Strengthen your tires and your vehicles' longevity today with over-the-road truck alignment services. 

The following Truck Source locations can perform alignments:

For more information, you can find a sales rep HERE or fill out the form below to have someone reach out to you.

For more information you can find a sales rep HERE
or fill out the form below to have someone reach out to you.