Applied Failure Analysis

Commercial Truck Applied Failure Analysis

Sometimes, the most important question you need to ask when a vehicle fails is, “What caused this to happen?” If your truck has a malfunction or hiccup, it’s often easy to focus on the visible symptoms while ignoring the root cause. Thompson Truck Source helps you get to the fundamental cause right away so that you can reduce the risk of more severe issues later. Our truck applied failure analysis could get your rig back up and running faster while saving you thousands of dollars and hours of downtime.

What Is an Applied Failure Analysis?

Applied failure analysis is a strategy that's commonly used in vehicle services to identify and fix a mechanical issue quickly. With this strategy, we do examinations and run tests to find out what’s causing an error so we can fix it and return your truck to normal function. In turn, you'll be able to continue serving clients and transporting goods on your terms.

Typically, applied failure analysis is most useful in the event that a component breaks or starts to show excessive wear and tear for an unknown reason. This method considers all possibilities and alternatives based on evidence gathered from the workers and machinery. 

Why Try a Semi Truck Applied Failure Analysis?

If you’re still asking yourself why truck applied failure analysis is important, consider this. If one of your truck’s parts starts losing efficiency, an easy way to handle the situation may be to repair or replace that specific part and move on. The challenge arises when the failure turns out to be a result of a bigger issue with the fuel, engine, transmission, or another vital component.

We conduct interviews, create timelines, and inspect parts of the truck to find the exact cause of the failure. This data will allow you to:

  • Escape further maintenance and repair expenses 
  • Deliver more reliable services to clients and customers
  • Enhance driver productivity and safety
  • Implement more effective emergency and repair strategies

Finding the root cause prevents major equipment catastrophes and can even lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle. Having to replace a semi truck or do a complete engine overhaul after just a few years can drain your bank account by thousands of dollars, so contact us to find out how you can address concerns before they escalate.

Trust Thompson Truck Source for Your Service Needs

At Thompson Truck Source, we offer a convenient local option for all your truck service and support needs. Our thorough applied failure analysis strategies allow us to do more for you so that you can do more for every client. Each situation is unique, so we’ll do everything we can to think outside the box and come up with strategies that fit your specific requirements.

Our technicians are fully trained in Applied Failure Analysis. Our 12 locations across Alabama and Florida host equipment to solve the problem efficiently and effectively. We accomplish this by taking the initiative to get to the true root of the problem. Rather than using "band-aid fixes," we get to the underlining issues and make sure your truck will perform at its best. This helps you save time and money by avoiding unnecessary downtime and eliminating costly future repairs.

Learn More About Applied Failure Analysis in Alabama and Florida Today

We’ve been working with businesses and heavy vehicle operators for over 60 years, and we’re committed to helping you reach your destination and return home safely each day. Choose our commercial truck applied failure analysis services today if you’re looking for a trustworthy option in Florida or Alabama. 

To learn more, you can contact any location HERE or fill out the form below.

To learn more you can contact any location HERE
or fill out the form below.