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Truck Dyno Testing Service

Your truck fleet is essential to your business. Each truck travels hundreds of miles to haul shipments to your customers, and you need to be sure that it's in excellent working condition. Semitruck dyno testing is the best way to monitor your fleet and diagnose common problems before they worsen. At Thompson Truck Source, we offer truck dyno services Alabama businesses can count on for accurate diagnostic information. From faulty sensors to more pressing concerns, we'll help you get to the bottom of any issue. 

What Is Dyno Testing?

A dynamometer, also called a dyno, is a device used to measure factors like power, force, and torque. These devices are ideal for automotive testing, allowing you to ensure an engine is operational and safe before traveling on the road. A dyno test can collect important data about quality and help you troubleshoot any potential issues.

Here's an overview of the different types of dyno tests:

  • Engine dyno testing: This test connects the dyno directly to an engine without a car body required. It uses water brakes and alternating currents to test different loads against the engine. The device measures the revolutions per minute (RPM) to determine an engine's horsepower.
  • Chassis dyno testing: This type of dyno testing simulates road conditions and measures engine power. Fixed rollers assess the rotational speed and torque of the engine or motor in a controlled environment.

Who Needs a Dyno Test?

Anyone can benefit from a dyno test to ensure their truck drives smoothly and cost-effectively. At Thompson Truck Source, we make it our mission to enhance the safety and performance of commercial vehicles across many industries. 

Whether your fleet transports cargo or helps employees travel to job sites, you'll want to protect your investment. Dependable, high-performing trucks are key to helping you fulfill customers' expectations. It's also important to keep vehicles in ideal condition when they provide storage for tools or equipment you use on a daily basis. 

We provide dyno testing for a variety of customers, including fleet managers. Dyno testing can give you the insight you need to plan services or maintenance in advance so you can keep operations moving.

Benefits of Engine Dyno Testing

Dyno tests capture measurements of engine functions in a graph along with other information, like the weather conditions on the day of testing. Having a written record of your engine performance allows you to compare results so you can improve your fleet in the future. Some of the advantages of dyno testing include: 

  • Valuable insight: Testing allows you to gather information about your engine, such as the peak torque, horsepower, airflow, volume metric efficiency, and the temperatures of the pistons and cylinders.
  • Opportunities to save: Paying dyno test costs can save you money in the long run when your vehicles drive smoothly with next-level engine performance.
  • Improved reliability: With an understanding of engine performance, you can better predict the need for repairs and replacements — meaning you can keep your vehicles in operation.

Alabama Dyno Testing Services

Our dyno testing services are here to help business owners and fleet managers determine if their trucks need repairs. We'll use our resources to measure each truck's performance so you have an accurate, up-to-date understanding of your vehicles' health. With precise diagnostic information in hand, you'll have the most control over your fleet's performance. Our dyno tests assess: 

  • Engine horsepower: Through our engine dyno tests, you'll uncover information regarding a truck engine's horsepower. Our tests measure the amount of force your truck uses to maintain a spinning engine's rpm. This torque reading provides an accurate measurement of the truck's engine output, making it easy to troubleshoot issues by swap-testing different components. 
  • Wheel horsepower: Our truck chassis dyno tests evaluate the horsepower a truck's drive wheels produce. We'll position your vehicle on top of a drum roller platform to measure torque output based on how fast the truck's wheels accelerate the roller. This baseline test allows us to measure power output in a realistic application and diagnose any deficiencies. 
  • Engine coolant, boost, and intake temperatures: Dyno tests will provide temperature results for a truck's internal systems and fluids as torque increases. Understanding these results can provide insight into specific functions that may be operating below optimal efficiency. 

Common Problems Dyno Tests Can Identify

Identifying minor issues before they grow into more significant problems can save you money on repairing or replacing trucks in your fleet. Our truck chassis dyno services pinpoint warning signs so you can address them on your terms. We'll identify service problems such as: 

  • Low horsepower: Engines will lose horsepower over time as issues arise regarding factors like air filtration, fuel intake, compression loss, and spark plug deficiency.
  • Overheating: A truck may overheat due to inadequate coolant levels or issues within the engine's cooling mechanisms. 
  • Emissions concerns: Problems with evaporative or combustion emissions can cause your fleet to emit toxic fumes that put workers and the environment at risk. 

Keeping You on the Road 

At Thompson Truck Source, we offer services that help Alabama businesses make the most of every productive hour. Our semitruck dyno tests will keep your fleet on the road and minimize downtime. We'll keep records of every test so you can compare results over time and make the best decisions for your fleet. Use our services to diagnose problems and test to verify that your repairs solved the issue at hand. 

For more on our dyno tests in Alabama, visit a location near you or contact us online today! 


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