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Alabama & Florida Truck Engine Overhauls

A truck’s engine is a vital component that gets your employees from point A to point B every day. Without an efficient engine, your business will be prone to additional expenses, unexpected breakdowns, and safety issues. Order a semi-truck engine overhaul from Thompson Truck Source today, and you can have your engine restored so that it looks and functions just like new. A professional engine overhaul will save you the expense and hassle of buying a completely new vehicle or engine while ensuring a smooth, safe performance.

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Our truck engine overhaul services in AL & FL benefit a wide range of business leaders and fleet managers who are having vehicle efficiency issues. While most engines are built to withstand the test of time as long as they receive the proper care and maintenance, it’s inevitable that they will start to build up wear and tear after several years of use. 


An engine overhaul typically involves taking the motor apart and replacing or repairing vital components so it can function normally again. For instance, the engine overhaul process may include the placement of new gaskets, oil seals, rings, and pistons. Thorough inspections and tests can determine which replacements and repairs are needed so that your drivers can get back out on the road as soon as possible. 


Your engine may be ready for an overhaul if it starts showing some of these tell-tale signs:

  • Low power
  • Hard starting
  • High blowby
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Wear metals in oil
  • Multiple parts failures
  • Blue or white smoke
  • High oil consumption

Any of these indicators could mean that it’s time to consider giving your truck engine a much-needed boost. Frequent power, fuel, and component issues can lead to major expenses for your business, cutting into profits. A truck engine overhaul reduces the risk of major repairs and downtime expenses so you can maximize gains and protect your employees.

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Our Certified Engine Overhauls provide you with a “like new” engine performance without the price of a new engine. Because engines can lose efficiency and performance for a variety of reasons, our engine overhauls offer a way to ensure that every component is up to standard. Some of the benefits of choosing a truck engine overhaul service include:

  • Identical build and performance to your existing engine
  • Improved engine fuel efficiency, power consumption, and reliability
  • Life extension of the equipment that you know works
  • Reduced maintenance and operational costs
  • Full Access to Thompson Truck Source services and support

If your engine is failing to meet industry and business standards, an overhaul from Thompson Truck Source might even help you find new issues that you didn't expect. This proactive repair will save you both time and money by allowing you to address concerns that could have consequences in the future.


Whatever you need, we’re available to offer support, parts, and equipment solutions that will keep your truck healthy and strong. Overhaul Protection provides a layer of security that you can use to prepare for impromptu breakdowns or performance losses.

An Extended Service Coverage program from Caterpillar, this covers parts and labor costs for covered component repairs due to defects in materials, factory, and dealer workmanship. That gives you assurance against unexpected repair costs and offers a hedge against rising parts and labor costs.


Choose the coverage period that best matches your needs. We offer several coverage terms for heavy duty and medium duty engines. If you need a service that offers truck engine overhauls in Alabama or northern Florida, visit one of our locations today. We’ll rebuild your engine so it can continue carrying important goods for many more miles!


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