Fluid Sampling

Truck Fluid Sampling and Analysis

Are you unsure if your truck engine is delivering its best performance? At Thompson Truck Source, we believe it’s critical to inspect engine components regularly so you can detect areas of concern before they turn into major expenses. With our truck fluid sampling service, you’ll be able to identify potential weaknesses in the engine or fluids that could cause performance issues down the road if left unchecked.

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As a leading provider of truck fluid sampling in Alabama and Florida, we work with all types of truck and heavy vehicle engines. If an issue comes up with one of your vehicles that causes it to require a fluid analysis, we’ll do the testing and take care of any repair issues indicated in the results.

Why Does Your Truck Need Fluid Analysis?

Truck fluid sampling in a labWhile they may seem like small components overall, an oil and coolant analysis can tell you more about a vehicle’s inner workings than you might think. Analyzing the fluids is a quick way to see how your engine is functioning. If we can understand any developing problems within the engine, we can determine optimal time for services. For example, sampling can help you find out whether fluids need to be replaced, if there’s any contamination, or if the engine has underlying issues that have to be addressed.

This test is a simple, cost-effective way to learn about your vehicle and what it needs — sometimes before those needs even become apparent. Our services will improve the management of your fleet maintenance strategies so you can stay ahead and maximize profits.

Let Thompson Truck Source help keep your engine running longer, and your truck on the road.

The Benefits of Regular Fluid Sampling

Technician running truck fluid samples in a labIf your employees operate company vehicles, it’s important to make sure those vehicles are in line with safety and efficiency standards. Ongoing semi truck fluid sampling from Thompson Truck Source allows you to check on engine and oil performance periodically, which helps catch minor issues before they can do major damage to your vehicle or your savings. By harnessing the benefits of investing in a regular truck fluid sampling service, you can:

  • Spot existing problems in the engine
  • Improve engine longevity
  • Determine a proper maintenance schedule
  • Identify and measure for any oil contamination
  • Determine cleanliness of fluids
  • Avoid loss in performance and major repairs

Our testing services include analysis for both oil and coolant in the engine. Because vehicle engines operate at high temperatures and often under harsh conditions, checking these essential fluids is a necessity. 

We can examine and diagnose any truck in your fleet by assessing pH, color, freezing and boiling points, glycol levels, and more. Whether your vehicle required an oil change sooner than expected or a sudden performance issue is affecting your engine, we’ll find the root cause so you can return to work as usual. After we complete the sampling and inspection process, we’ll be happy to do repairs or replacements, and we'll even help you develop a more effective maintenance plan. 

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Fluid sampling is one of the most efficient ways to check for corrosion, contaminants, and other issues that can impact engine performance and safety. Thompson Truck Source has a dozen locations throughout Alabama and Florida, all staffed with professionals ready to improve your fleet. Stop by one of our facilities to find out what our oil and coolant analysis services can do for you.

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