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When you need truck repairs in Alabama, put your trust in the area's leading professionals. With locations throughout Alabama and Florida, Thompson Truck Source is the best place to find semitruck maintenance and repair services near you. Our expert staff will get your fleet out of the shop and back on the road fast.

Air Compressor Clutches Fuel System Throttle Control
Air Conditioning & Heating Drivelines Hoses Tire Balancing
Alternators & Starters Electrical Instruments & Controls Overhauls Transmission
Axles Engine Cooling & Radiators Preventative Maintenance Wheel alignment
Batteries Engine Repair Steering Windshields, Wipers & Washer
Brakes Exhaust Suspension Wiring

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Our Truck Maintenance and Repair Offerings

At Thompson Truck Source, we offer truck maintenance and repair services that help Alabama fleet managers reduce the cost of ownership and maximize each vehicle's life span. Our truck chassis repair team is capable of servicing the following components:

  • Air compressor: We'll ensure that each truck in your fleet has a functional air compressor that delivers at least 60 psi. 
  • Air conditioning and heating: Our services diagnose and repair common heating and air conditioning problems to ensure a comfortable cabin. 
  • Alternators and starters: We'll service your starter and alternator for efficiency and longevity. 
  • Axles: We service single and double axles so every truck in your fleet maintains a solid support system. 
  • Batteries: Semitruck batteries should last between three and five years, and our maintenance team will help you maximize each battery's life span. 
  • Brakes: Every semitruck needs a reliable braking system. Our team is here to make sure your fleet's air brakes are fully functional. 
  • Clutches: We'll adjust or repair any clutch component to help your trucks shift between gears smoothly. 
  • Drivelines: Our driveline services ensure proper mounting, phasing, lubrication and alignment.
  • Electrical instruments and controls: From anti-lock brakes to lighting control modules, we'll monitor and repair your fleet's key electrical components. 
  • Engine cooling and radiators: Temperature control is essential for a functional engine, and our crew will keep each truck in a proper cycle. 
  • Engine repair: We provide comprehensive engine repair services to determine power output, diagnose key issues, and make effective repairs.
  •  Exhaust: Our exhaust maintenance and repair services protect your drivers and the environment from toxic fume emissions.  
  • Fuel system: Semitrucks need a proper mixture of fuel and air, and our services help to maintain the right balance. 
  • Hoses: Our crews will repair or replace any faulty air hoses. 
  • Overhauls: We'll perform overhaul services to maximize your engine's life span. 
  • Preventative maintenance: Our team will run your fleet through a list of maintenance items to ensure every component is in working order before larger problems arise. 
  • Steering: We'll diagnose and repair any steering issues the trucks in your fleet experience. 
  • Suspension: Semitrucks handle heavy loads and frequent transitions between them. We'll service each suspension component so your fleet can meet the demand. 
  • Throttle control: We work with any type of modern throttle to ensure that each truck in your fleet accelerates smoothly for a longer duration. 
  • Tire balancing: Vibrations at high speeds indicate a tire balancing issue, but our crew can set your fleet right. 
  • Wheel alignment: Proper wheel alignment facilitates safe driving and maximizes each tire's life span. 
  • Windshields, wipers, and washers: Visibility is essential for driver safety, which is why we offer services to keep their lines of sight clear. 
  • Wiring: We'll replace or repair any corroded wires so all electrical components function at full capacity. 

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