Heavy-Duty Overhaul Kits

An overhaul kit is used to comprehensively restore a heavy-duty truck or commercial engine. It offers a cost-effective way to replace a number of parts or do a full rebuild, depending on the engine's wear and tear. An overhaul kit also allows you to inject new life into older models and align them with current performance standards.

Thompson Truck Source can provide you with a range of overhaul kit options designed to transform your machine's engine.

The Importance of High-Quality Commercial Truck Parts

By investing in high-quality truck parts, you help ensure your truck runs properly for as long as possible. In many cases, the quality of your vehicle's parts can be the difference between the vehicle breaking down frequently or serving as a reliable tool for you to complete jobs. With the best parts in your truck, you can also experience other benefits:

  • Reduced emissions
  • Better handling and control
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Industry compliance
  • Higher resale value

Overall, the use of high-quality parts improves the reliability, performance, and safety of the truck.

Understanding Different Types of Commercial Truck Parts

Every kind of commercial machine has similar basic parts. When you understand how they work individually and as a whole, you can take better care of your machine. These are three universal components of a commercial machine to be aware of:

  • Engine components: Pistons, rings, camshafts, crankshafts, and cylinder heads are all core elements of the engine. The engine is the powerhouse of the truck, giving it the strength it needs for heavy use. The pistons move up and down in the cylinders, converting the energy from fuel combustion into mechanical motion. From there, it works its way down to the crankshaft, which turns the linear motion of the pistons into the rotational motion needed for the truck wheels.
  • Transmission parts: The driver needs to be able to change gears with the movement of the clutch and gear stick. All of the components involved in this form the transmission. The transmission translates the power generated by the engine to tell it to go at different loads and speeds.
  • Braking system: While the concept of the braking system is straightforward — it slows and stops the truck — there are many components involved in making this happen, such as the rotors, hydraulic systems, and pads.

New vs. Used Truck Parts: Which Is Best for You?

When searching for truck parts, should you choose new or used components for your equipment? Each option comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

New Truck Parts

A new truck part will provide long-term quality from the beginning. Additionally, these parts often come with manufacturer warranty and support, offering you added peace of mind as you use them. You can expect new parts to be reliable, durable, and designed with modern requirements.

While new truck parts are a go-to option for many users, they come at a price, which can be a downside for some. These parts require potentially steep upfront investments. If you don't need a specific part and want to keep costs down, buying new may not be the best option.

Used Truck Parts

Many used truck parts are still in great condition, allowing operators to reuse them without issue. This aspect makes used truck parts much more cost-effective than new parts, which can be the perfect option for small businesses or contractors just starting out. Plus, reusing truck parts is a sustainable process that helps maximize use and cut down on waste.

However, you may not be able to find the parts you need if you're only interested in used options. While you can find a large selection of used truck parts, they only become available as previous users decide to part with them, meaning you might have to wait until the one you need pops up on the market. Wear and tear can also be a variable.

Buying Commercial Truck Parts From Thompson Truck Source

Purchasing a complete engine rebuild kit allows you to benefit from upgrading your current engine with new parts, all while cutting costs, as you aren't investing in a completely new engine. Thompson Truck Source offers several kit options you can choose from depending on your needs. Cat® Precious Metals Kits come in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum options, each one with different components.

  • Bronze: Choose this basic option if you notice oil, fuel, or coolant leaks. Each kit contains bottom and bearing rolls, so you can execute an engine reseal and stop the leaks.
  • Silver: If you're experiencing a decrease in truck power, excessive exhaust smoke, or increased oil consumption, servicing the engine with this overhaul kit can correct the issue. You'll get everything included with the Bronze package, as well as everything you need to perform a basic in-frame overhaul, including piston crowns, skirts, rings, and pins.
  • Gold: Consider purchasing this heavy-duty truck overhaul kit if you're experiencing all the issues that require the Silver kit and the inability to reuse the connecting rods. You'll get the Bronze package plus assembled Cat Reman cylinder packs and a connecting rod.
  • Platinum: Choose the Platinum truck overhaul kit if you notice a decrease in power, an increase in oil consumption or a drop in fuel efficiency combined with excessive exhaust smoke. You'll receive all the components in the Gold package and a Cat Reman cylinder head, injector set, head bolt set, water pump, and oil pump.

Every kit has unlimited mileage. Thomspon Truck Source also offers a 12-month parts warranty, which covers parts and labor, amongst other items, including resultant damage. You can also add extended service coverages of different lengths for further protection.

Contact Thompson Truck Source for Complete Diesel Rebuild Kits

At Thompson Truck Source, we're dedicated to helping customers like you in Alabama and northwest Florida find the parts you need for your commercial machinery. When it's time to overhaul your engine, we're here to help with that, too. Our array of Cat engine overhaul kits provides exactly what you need to repair and upgrade your machine's engine with ease.

When you choose Thompson Truck Source, you're tapping into a wealth of local expertise. Our services extend beyond engine overhauls. We can also offer you a range of reliable machine services, including but not limited to:

  • Fluid sampling
  • Chassis repairs
  • Dyno testing
  • Wheel balancing

Our dedicated, skilled service technicians are committed to ensuring your fleet operates at its best. Are you ready to get started with an overhaul kit or some of our other services? Contact us today to get started or discover a location near you.