Thompson Rig360 Services

We have news. Good news. We’re now part of the RIG360 Service Network. Which means we are one of a select group of dealers with the resources and commitment to help you effectively manage every aspect of your fleet maintenance program. To learn more about what it means to work with a RIG360 member, visit RIG360Truck.com.

About the RIG360 Service Network

RIG360 got its start when a group of Cat® dealers recognized there was a genuine need for a network of service and maintenance centers to not only work on trucks, but to also work with drivers and fleet managers on a higher level. RIG360 was born with a commitment to transparency and a promise to communicate early and often. Our goal is simple. We want to eliminate questions and provide you with more control.

Today, every RIG360 Service Center remains a go-to resource for all things Cat®. Our service technicians are factory authorized. We’re stocked with genuine Cat parts. And there’s a lot of Cat expertise throughout our ranks. But our Caterpillar legacy never kept us from expanding our capabilities. That’s why you’ll see our truck service bays filled with Freightliner, International, Peterbilt, Kenworth and every other brand you meet on the road every day.

All makes. All models. There’s a new way to look at how truck maintenance, service and repair gets done. It’s from a 360-degree perspective. It’s time to look at RIG360.

Bumper to Bumper and 360 Degrees of Service

At Thompson Truck Source, we strive to provide 360-degree services that deliver comprehensive solutions. As a RIG360 dealer, we work with a team that can handle all truck makes and models. They have the training and expertise to work on your fleet confidently and efficiently. When your vehicle enters one of our service bays, we'll send prepared technicians to get to work right away. We consider your fleet's success our success, so we know the importance of efficiency.

RIG360 Truck and Tractor-Trailer Fleet Maintenance

We provide all-in-one fleet maintenance services that will keep your trucks at optimal output. In addition to the solutions you would expect from an industry-leading maintenance network, we offer services such as:

  • Inspections, preventive maintenance, and engine overhauls: Allow us to help you take a proactive approach to your fleet's condition. We can perform ALDOT and FDOT commercial inspections for new and ongoing members of your fleet. Our team can also help you develop a preventive maintenance schedule and schedule the appointments to follow it. When you need a complete engine overhaul, we have the parts and knowledge to give you like-new performance.
  • Specialized drivetrain work: Like other RIG360 network members, we consider the drivetrain the heart of your truck. Our technicians have the experience to repair, service, and maintain its parts, including the transmission, clutch, and differentials.
  • Fluid sampling: By analyzing your truck's fluids, we can better understand the engine's condition. Each fluid's composition provides us critical information on developing problems and ideal maintenance times. This knowledge enables us to develop a service schedule that increases your uptime and keeps your truck running longer.
  • The RIG360 90-minute promise: When you need information on your truck's status, we promise to give you quick answers. Within 90 minutes of the start of your visit, we'll provide an initial diagnosis based on systematic troubleshooting. Once you have that knowledge, we'll create an initial service estimate that includes the time and cost required for us to make repairs. Thanks to these promises, you can get the information you need in three hours or less.
  • On-highway truck fleet maintenance: If you request our on-highway maintenance services, you'll get customized solutions that maximize your fleet's uptime. We can come to your shop or have you bring your trucks to ours for regular maintenance. Allow our team to work with you to find a fleet maintenance solution that keeps you running at top capacity.

Let Us Work With Your Truck Fleet Management Technology

If you have truck fleet maintenance software or another type of fleet management technology, let us provide services that work with your system. Show us your maintenance schedule, repair reports, or work orders, and we'll develop a compatible solution.

Count on Us for Truck Fleet Maintenance in Alabama and Northwest Florida

With more than 10 locations across Alabama and Northwest Florida, we can service fleets throughout the region. Visit us in person, call us at 205-849-4361, or contact our team online for assistance.